In the Somali Region, children face many challenges and difficulties including poverty, malnutrition, abuses, violence, diseases, and lack of education. To tackle these problems, Kafaalo undertakes a number of interventions and activities to help children. The interventions and activities we do include the following:

  • Rehabilitation: we collect street children and place them in a rehabilitation center. In the rehabilitation center, they get all the necessary care including accommodation, clothing, regular nutritious meals, entertainment, and coping mechanisms with drug withdrawal.
  • Psychosocial support: to help children cope with the effects of abuse, neglect, or other forms of trauma and support them to develop coping mechanisms and resilience.
  • Healthcare: This includes access to preventive care, as well as treatment for injuries and illnesses. We also make sure that children have access to essential medicines and treatments.
  • Education: Education is a key protective factor for children. It helps them to develop skills and knowledge, and it also provides them with a safe space to learn and grow. In our shelters, we teach children basic literacy and numeracy and prepare them for formal schooling.
  • Shelter and care: This includes providing children with a safe and stable place to live. It also includes providing them with food, clothing, and other basic necessities.
  • Economic strengthening: This includes helping families to improve their livelihoods so that they can better provide for their children. This includes creating small businesses for vulnerable and low-income families. It also includes providing children with opportunities to earn an income.
  • Community mobilization: This involves raising awareness of child protection issues in communities and building support for child protection initiatives. We organize awareness-creation community meetings to sensitize the community on the importance of helping children and protecting them from harm.

Supporting the elderly

The elderly people are some of the most at-risk members of our society. They often have limited resources and struggle to meet their basic needs. At Kafaalo, we strive to help the elderly in the following ways:

  • Family reunification
  • Help them with their healthcare. 
  • Help them find resources. 
  • Advocate for the elderly.